Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jase 18 Months

I cannot believe I am saying happy 18 months to my little man. This officially means that you are closer to turning two, than you are to being one now. I might need some tissue over that little truth today. Also, I think I deserve credit because I am actually getting this up on the day you turn 18 months. It's about time, I know.

This month has been adventurous. You had your first ever ER trip this month, and I wish I could say it hopefully the last, but knowing that I have an adventurous little boy on my hands pretty much tells me that's not going to happen. You randomly spiked a 104.6 fever out of nowhere, very scary moment. I had never seen you so sick, and hot, and sleepy. They had to give you some fluids because you were refusing to drink anything all day, so we spent all day there and just found out you had a pretty awful virus. It was a long day.

You are an adventurous little man. You go in the Chick-Fil-A play place with no fear. You think it's funny to try to step off of steps that are a little too high for you, mostly resulting in you falling, but you think it's so funny. You love to wrestle, and make train noises, and run around in circles and crash on the floor. You are entirely all boy. Your favorite toy is your little alphabet train, and the batteries have been dead for the last week which has not made you very happy. You also still love your Crazy Coup car, you yell bye, and shut yourself in the car and pretend you're driving away. Your imagination is so sweet.

You are learning new words like crazy! I left sign language off your update this month because we have mostly moved away from that and you are using words now. Sometimes you sign at the same time as saying words, but you are usually always talking. You pick up words so quickly now, it's crazy. I love the way you say "juice" and "thank you." You tell us "thank you" every time you give us something and every time we give you something. You are just soaking up every ounce of learning it is so fun to watch.

You are obsessed with throwing things away. You think you are throwing away trash, and mostly you actually do a good job. You find a cheerio you drop and you throw it away, that is if you don't eat it. You find fuzz on the ground, you throw it away. But you also like to take the hooks off the ornaments and throw the hooks away and set the ornaments back in the tree. We also found one of daddy's movies in the trash today, apparently you don't like the Three Stooges.
You have also grown very attached to your pacifier all of a sudden. Since you were one, you haven't had it during the day, except for when you were sick. I usually leave it in your crib and you have it at naps and bedtime only. It has really helped you talk more, but lately you have been asking for it. When I tell you now, you have the biggest meltdown ever. Not sure what caused you to be so attached to it all of a sudden, but you are.

I think you may be sensing change coming a little, and there is definitely going to be a big change for you. But I know you are going to be a great big brother and I cannot wait to see you and Elyse playing one day. I am so thankful that I get to be your mama, and I know you are going to do great with all the change coming. We will make it through. For now, I am trying to soak up every moment with you, yet still teaching you to play alone at the same time. In just under four months we will be welcoming your little sister. I am so proud to have you as my little man, until next month peanut.



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

24 Week Bump-Date


GIRL!!! See our announcement photo here. I am absolutely loving collecting all things girly. Not to mention, the fact that I can shop on both sides of the baby/toddler sections at our favorite stores. I am definitely having fun with this.


Elyse Ann. I think I will write a post more about names later.

Due Date:

My due date is April 5, 2015, but we have a repeat C-section officially scheduled for March 31st at 9am! It's SO crazy to know the birthdate of our little girl, unless of course she decides to come early.

Weight Gain:

My starting weight was about 128 and at my last appointment I was at 137, but that was awhile ago. There is a six week gap between my last appointment and my next one so I am sure there is going to be a big difference. I think I am hovering closer, if not right at, that 140 mark now. My ending weight with Jase was 147, so I gained 22 pounds with him. I am really hoping to stay roughly around the same weight gain.

SO MUCH MOVEMENT. She's super active. Especially when I am laying down for bed, so that will be very fun when she's born. She is extremely low, I feel of her movements very low. I feel like it is lower than where Jase rested (and I carried him low as well), so I am going to ask about that at my next appointment. My last appointment, she was actually too low to get all the photos we needed during the ultrasound so we will be having a follow up next appointment. I am hoping she is in a better position and that how low she is won't be any concern.

The Chex mix craving has died down finally. Usually I find myself craving fruits, especially strawberries which unfortunately are harder to find now. There has been a lot of sickness in my house recently so I have had a lot of ice pops and now they are a major craving. I have to admit some days I have had THREE! Thankfully it's mostly ice because that could really pack on the pounds. Better than ice cream I guess, right?


I finally have curved the no meat feeling for the post part, but it really took for me to hit that 20 week mark for me to be able to handle it. Anything tomato based, think all Italian food, definitely worsens the acid issues I have been having. Kind of a bummer. But really for the most part I have been able to handle everything again.

Well, we have been on stomach bug central at my house. I caught it TWICE, and the symptoms kind of linger, so that has been really awful. I have been dealing with symptoms off and on for over a week, and so has Jase. So that can send my stomach up and down and has made me sensitive to certain foods again, except of course popsicles. I am really praying that this is gone and out of our house soon....tomorrow would be great. I have really bad acid issues this pregnancy that I have to take a prescription for it, over the counter just was not doing it. So I take that twice a day, and as long as I stay on top of it, and limit the tomato based foods (bye, bye, pizza), then I do great. My sciatic nerve pain has multiplied this last week, and it even kept me up for an hour two nights ago. I had it pretty bad with Jase, and chiropractic care saved my life. I haven't had any chiropractic care this pregnancy, mostly because we moved and I have no idea where to go, but also because the financial part of it adds up so fast. But I think I may have to look around now, because back pain is no fun. Other than the bug going around, this pregnancy is going great. Once I hit that 20 week mark, and could eat so much better, it's been great. Even with the back pain, but I had it before so I expected it.


Chasing a toddler around is the biggest difference! It makes me SO much more tired than my first pregnancy. I also feel incredibly guilty if I sit on the couch too long because I feel terribly unproductive. Work isn't keeping me busy and feeling productive, so resting on the couch can kind of make me feel a little blah. So I try to stay on top of the house, and keep busy with Jase. This pregnancy has gone SO much faster. I feel like I blinked and I am 15 weeks away. Chasing a toddler definitely diverts your attention so you don't realize how much time is passing by. Before we know it she is going to be here...good thing we are starting on her nursery next week.

Looking Forward to:

My next doctor appointment, glucose test and an ultrasound to finish up the photos. Call me crazy, but I love that glucose drink, it tastes like a melted popsicle with EXTRA sugar. Still have a couple weeks though so in the meantime Christmas is right around the corner which I am so looking forward to. Then Chad has a few days off so we will be working on painting Elyse's room and cleaning it up to start adding her furniture in there. SO excited!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beyond Baby's First Year: 12 Month to 16 Month Schedule

In the past, I have shared some schedule basics and sample routines that Jase had been on during different stages throughout his first year. It proved to be very helpful for a lot of people, so I wanted to make sure I continued to update it as he grows. You can find the previous schedules in the links below.

Newborn to 7 Week Schedule

7 Weeks to 4 Months Schedule

4 Month - 6 Month Schedule (4 Hour Schedule) 

7 Weeks to 9 Months Schedule 

10 Months to 11 Month Schedule

You can find all the posts in the Baby's First Year series by visiting my "More Than a Mom" page and scrolling down to the "Baby's First Year" icon. 

I will be continuing a similar series through toddler hood including different transtions called, "Beyond Baby's First Year." You can find all the posts in this series by visiting my "More Than a Mom" page and scrolling down to the "Beyond Baby's First Year" icon.

12 Months - 16 Months 

8am – Wake Up, Cup of Milk, Breakfast
10:30am - Morning Nap
12 noon – Wake Up, Lunch
2pm - Cup of Milk
2:30pm - Nap
4pm - Wake Up, Snack
5pm – Dinner
8:00 pm - Begin Bedtime Routine & Cup of Milk 
8:30pm – Bedtime

*Jase was completely weaned a week after his first Birthday. You can find my post on weaning here.
*I offered Jase a cup of milk three times a day, at the same times he was used to being nursed. 
*Jase was down to two-two hour naps a day and an earlier bedtime. 
*At this age, it was a lot easier to stretch awake times if needed. Sometimes I needed to run morning errands, so he would skip his morning nap and lay down earlier in the afternoon. Or I could schedule play dates in the morning and he usually would be happy enough to make it until an earlier afternoon nap. If for any reason he had to miss his afternoon nap, he really needed to take his morning nap. 
*Some mornings he would wake closer to 9am, so I would push his morning nap back to 11am. If on a rare occasion he slept until 9:30 or later (usually Thursday mornings after a later night at church the night before), we would skip his morning nap all together. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To The Weary Mama

The day is just beginning and you already find yourself straining to hold back the tears. You're buried in all the responsibility that makes itself known the moment you set your feet to the ground. You feel helpless to get it all done, to make it through the day, without having a meltdown with one of the kids. The to do list is endless, yet you can't find the time to even complete the first thing. It is all piling on top of you and you're ready to collapse beneath the weight.

You're weary.

You're exhausted.

You're drowning.

You're feeling down right defeated.

It is here where you wonder if you were ever truly cut out for this motherhood thing. It's here where you question if you'll make it through the day. It's here where you have to stare everything straight in the face and say you can, and you will.

You will make it through today.

Every tantrum.

Every refused meal.

Every nap fought.

You will make it.

You are meant for this thing called motherhood. How do I know? Because God made you a mother. He looked at you and He said, "She can do this." But He didn't stop there. He said, "She can do this...and I will help her."

God knew what He was doing when He called you to be a mom. He knew what He was doing when He gave you those kids. He knew there would be days like this, and He knew you would need the strength to make it through. He has promised to be that anchor in which you can find your strength and draw from it exactly what will empower you through the day. He has promised to be that rock on which you can stand when you feel like your insides are crumbling.

Weary mama, He knew there would be days like this. He knew there would be days that you felt like you couldn't take another step. He knew there would be days that you had to hide in your room to breathe. He knew you would question your ability, that's why He promised you He would be there. Draw into Him for the strength that you need. You got this, mama.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Jase 17 Months

17 Months. I feel like I blinked and we got here. Well, technically 17.5 months because as usual I am late getting this post up. If it counts for anything I actaully took the pictures the day he hit 17 months. I just haven't gotten on the computer that has the photos to post them. This whole no computer things gets hard when I am bouncing back and forth between two different ones. Anywho, I really cannot beleive I am a month away from him being a year and a half. He just seems so big now. It's crazy.

To my little man,
You are growing so much. Actually you went from the 10% to the 18% at your doctor's appointment a few weeks ago. Since then your eating has slowed WAY down, so you must have had a huge growth spurt to get you up there and now you may be leveling back out. Not only are you growing physically, but you are growing leaps and bounds with the things you are learning every day. You are picking up words like crazy. You look for patterns in things. You have learned to look at the picture on a puzzle piece and find that picture on your puzzle and know exactly where it goes - this has impressed me the most. I didn't expect you would be grasping those skills so soon. Whenever you find shoes around the house, you bring them to the door and pile them up there. I think you think that's where they go since that's where daddy always puts the pair he wears to work. You have also started being really good at putting things away after you play with them. You get distracted half way through cleaning up, but at least you are learning. One of your favorite things to do right now is to watch me sweep the floor, then you run in after I finish to help me sweep all the dirt into the dustpan. You insist on helping every single time. I hope that means you are going to be a good helper.

You have also become extremely attached to your stuffed animals, or as you call them "baby." I switch them out here and there so you don't get attached to just one (there's my secret) just in case we lose it. You are equally attached to your blankie, which I do the same thing with. So you are attached to having at least one with you at all times right now, doesn't matter which, but you have to have them. You walk around the house with them, cuddle with them, and most definitely sleep with them. It is really the sweetest thing to watch.

Being your mom has been the most incredible thing. It's hard, and scary, and lovely, and so much more all balled up into one. It's crazy to think you are already such a big boy. Well, at least you like to think so. I really am so happy to call you mine.

Until next month.